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James T. Martin 12b4129fb0
(Path March v4) Split stuff (esp. settings) into common.frag 2021-12-18 19:36:44 -08:00
James T. Martin 69ea1d05cd
Add option presets and (extremely sexy) dithering.
* I'm soooo happy with how the dithering turned out.
* Also I thought I added the presets last commit, but I managed
  to fail to add them somehow.
2021-12-18 02:26:06 -08:00
James T. Martin e73620c588
Add a bunch of quality of life features.
* Option presets, for demonstration.
* Continously average samples across multiple frames
  so you can render more than your GPU can handle in one go.
* Saturation correction for overly-bright pixels.
* Freeze and loop time.
* Settings for TAA, camera position, and aspect ratio cropping.
2021-12-17 18:57:34 -08:00
James T. Martin 6906779065
Rewrite #4, preparing for volumetric marching 2.0.
Added a ton of comments & docs, refactored, and *hopefully* now support
medium/medium transitions and nested media well enough to work.
Haven't tested that part yet, though.
2021-12-17 13:08:40 -08:00
James T. Martin 63dac47c4d
Third (only getting more correct) implementation of path marching.
I'm preparing for volumetric marching and subsurface scattering,
among other things. The renders look better now too, IMO.
2021-12-16 01:03:56 -08:00
James T. Martin e79caacfde
Second (much more correct) implementation of path marching.
Also tiled/clamped perspective projection, temporal antialiasing,
a real camera, and tons of path marching-related features
which haven't yet been used to their fullest potential.
2021-12-15 01:28:17 -08:00
James T. Martin 33fc8ef5bf
Added my first path marcher. 2021-12-13 17:45:57 -08:00
James T. Martin ebe3bfdcff
New marcher calculates instead of approximating normals; fix artifacts in old marcher. 2021-05-20 20:25:48 -07:00
James T. Martin 528b97bccb
My first ray marching implementation, which I've been working on for a few days. 2021-05-19 21:06:49 -07:00