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title: James T. Martin
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<h1>James T Martin</h1>
<span id="accounts">Contact me:</span>
<ul class="icon-list">
<li><span class="icon">📧</span> james (at) jtm (dot) dev
<li><span class="icon">🔐</span> <a href="/key.asc">PGP key</a>
<li><img alt="Gitea:" title="Gitea" src="/assets/image/gitea.svg"> <a rel="me" href="/code/james">my Gitea instance</a>
<span id="likes">A few things I like:</span>
<ul class="icon-list">
<li><img alt="" src="/assets/image/debian.svg"> <span><a href="">Debian</a>, <a href="">SwayWM</a>, <a href="">Creative Commons</a>, <a href="">the GNU GPL</a></span>
<li><img alt="" src="/assets/image/lapfox.webp"> <span><a href="">Halley Labs</a></span>
<li><img alt="" src="/assets/image/smbc.webp"> <span><a href="">Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal</a></span>